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The Ass and the Lion Hunting (English-French)

Engraving of a donkey crying in the forest
A dastard, who in his talk brags of his prowess, and is devoid of courage, imposes upon strangers, but is the jest of all who know him.Le lâche qui se vante de hauts faits peut abuser qui ne le connaît pas, mais il est la risée de ceux qui le connaissent.
A Lion having resolved to hunt in company with an Ass, concealed him in a thicket, and at the same time enjoined him to frighten the wild beasts with his voice, to which they were unused, while he himself was to catch them as they fled.Le Lion, voulant chasser en compagnie de l’Ane, le couvrit de feuillage, et lui recommanda de braire à épouvanter les animaux, plus que de coutume, tandis que lui les saisirait au passage.
Upon this, Long-ears, with all his might, suddenly raised a cry, and terrified the beasts with this new cause of astonishment.Le chasseur aux longues oreilles se met à crier de toutes ses forces, et, par ce nouveau prodige, effraye les animaux.
While, in their alarm, they are flying to the well-known outlets, they are overpowered by the dread onset of the Lion;Tremblants, ils cherchent à gagner les issues connues du bois ; mais le Lion d’un bond impétueux les terrasse.
who, after he was wearied with slaughter, called forth the Ass from his retreat, and bade him cease his clamour.Las de carnage, il appelle l’Âne et lui ordonne de se taire.
On this the other, in his insolence, inquired:Alors celui-ci lui dit avec arrogance :
What think you of the assistance given by my voice?« Comment trouvez-vous les effets de ma voix ?
Excellent!” said the Lion, “so much so, that if I had not been acquainted with your spirit and your race, I should have fled in alarm like the rest.— Merveilleux, dit le Lion, et tellement, que, si je n’avais connu ton courage et ta race, j’aurais fui de peur comme les autres. »